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This really is Tom's recollection of the final months of his life. "Sammy delivered from a doctor's appointment with the headlines he had very good body stress and heart murmurs. Sammy performed at Storage Corridor that evening and after yet another session with the Baby Thomas Group filled their equipment on to a coach outside the Hall on St. Peters Block and set off with Sammy for a tour through Georgia to Florida. Following only 1 concert, the bus returned to the Corridor with just the driver, the trail manager and the body of Sammy Penn.

Talking to Barry Martyn, he rates Sammy Penn extremely in great drummers from New Orleans. Sammy played 4/4 on the bass drum and not the more familiar reduce time of New Orleans drummers. George Lewis chosen that 4/4 sound and Joe Watkins performed like that, but without the intense accents and complicated rhythms of Sammy Penn. Barry had the good fortune to sit in with the Child Thomas Group and discovered he could not hear himself and had to regulate his volume and fashion to suit the band.

Therefore Sammy Penn was the drummer for Kid Thomas and his Algiers Stompers and used the major part of his playing living with that band. As Barry Martyn said "When Joe Wayne and Sammy died the group could not be very exactly the same again"

To hear him at his most readily useful, you need to listen to "Child Thomas Valentine Creole Jazz Group on American Music AMCD 49 and "Baby Thomas and his Algiers Stompers" on Riverside OJCCD 1833-2. My great pleasure is really viewing the man doing his thing on a DVD of the December Group created by Major Bill Bissonnette (possibly still available by contacting him on his Jazz Crusade website