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Through cuddly kittens to venomous lizards, from city roads to African savannahs, animal shows have it all. Let these 5 amazing animal shows take you by using an adventure around the world, with spectacular camera work and high definition to boot.

Meerkat Manor - It's not without good reason that this is Animal Planet's top show. It's the story of a group of meerkats, the Whiskers clan, in the Kalahari Desert of Sub-Saharan Africa. Although it is a documentary, made in collaboration with medical research being done on the animals in that region, this show plays similar to a soap opera at times. We get to see the same cute critters week to few days, and so gain an understanding of these personalities, relationships, and daily dramas. Narration over the top really helps to unite the non-fiction world with individualized stories.

The Crocodile Hunter - GRAB Steve Irwin; you performed more to make characteristics seem to be exciting than perhaps anyone else in historical past. Irwin's charisma and excitement are mesmerizing and over-powering. He flits about with the same maniacal glee regardless of the various cuddliness or deadliness of the animals he runs into. The show is absolutely addictive, with a host as fascinating as the animals. There will never be another Croc Hunter like him, but at least we can all enjoy the 9anime attacks for years to come on satellite TV.

Lemur Kingdom - If you loved Meerkat Manor, you definitely need to pay attention to Lemur Kingdom - formerly called Lemur Road in the British version. These Madagascar ring-tails have no the same wild, allnight dance parties as they were doing in the animated feature film Madagascar, but their life is every bit as interesting and entertaining. You will definitely want to watch this on your biggest HD screen for the entire, fluffy effect. The struggles for power, love, and survival will have you coming back for further.

Pet Precinct - Animal save on the streets of New York City. Almost all of the animals encountered are in bad situations, but luckily the complete raison d'? tre of the Special Detectives is to help them out and give them better lives, occasionally even prosecuting people guilty of abusing animals. This show is a world away from the wild journeys of the Whiskers family or Steve Irwin, but shows how even in the urban jungle there is a wild animal kingdom. Numerous spin-offs can be found on satellite TV featuring other towns from Phoenix, Arizona to Cape great Hope, To the south Africa.

E-Vet Interns - E-Vet Interns provides yet another unique glimpse to the relationships between humans and animals. The 'E' in the title stands for Emergency. This show about interns is a spin-off of an earlier show called Emergency Veterinarians, about the doctors at the same Vet hospital in Denver, The state of colorado. That show once alternated off and on with the Crocodile Hunter for Animal Planet's most popular show, and this new iteration promises to live up those standards